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Self Priming 6V Small Electric Water Pump , Mini Water Motor Pump 150ml/M Flow

Self Priming 6V Small Electric Water Pump , Mini Water Motor Pump 150ml/M Flow

    • Self Priming 6V Small Electric Water Pump , Mini Water Motor Pump 150ml/M Flow
    • Self Priming 6V Small Electric Water Pump , Mini Water Motor Pump 150ml/M Flow
    • Self Priming 6V Small Electric Water Pump , Mini Water Motor Pump 150ml/M Flow
  • Self Priming 6V Small Electric Water Pump , Mini Water Motor Pump 150ml/M Flow

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: Feiyinsi
    Certification: Rohs,Reach
    Model Number: S1312-2502-7000

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 50pcs
    Price: Negotiable
    Packaging Details: Export carton, carton's dimension:47*31*25cm
    Payment Terms: Western Union, , T/T, L/C,paypal
    Supply Ability: 3000pcs per day
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    Detailed Product Description
    Basic Materials: PC/PPS/POM, EPDM,hardware Working Way: Continuous Or Intermittent
    Usage: Water Weight: 32g
    Size: 46*18*32mm Theory: Vacuum
    Power: Electric Pump: DC Pump
    Model: S1312-2502-7000 Pump Name: 6v Diaphragm Water Pump


    150ml/m flow self-priming mini 6v diaphragm water pump

    Product Description


    Advantages of 6v diaphragm water pump


    Compared with the large vacuum pump, it has the following advantages: small size, low noise, low power consumption, easy operation, easy to carry, no maintenance, 24 hours continuous operation, and allows medium to be rich in water vapor. Most importantly, because it is dry, oil free, no vacuum pump oil or lubricating oil, it will not pollute the working medium, do not interfere with the medium analysis and so on. And the price is much cheaper.


    When use micro pump in pumping water, but do not want to pump water by manual addition of "diversion". Some pumps require manual "diversion" before work, so that the pump can pull up the low water, otherwise the pump can not pump water or even be damaged. The advantage of our company pump is that when it is not in contact with water, it pump vacuum, then pressure the water up by air pressure, and then begins pumping water.


    Miniature pumps pump water, but sometimes the pump may not be able to pump water, in a "dry run" state. Some traditional pumps fear "dry run", even fatal. Our company's pump is essentially a composite functional pump, it integrates the functions of vacuum pumps and water pumps, some people call it "vacuum water pump." So, in the absence of water, it pumps vacuum, and when there is water, it pumps water. No matter the pumping air state or the pumping water state, belong to the normal working category, there is no "dry run" damage.


    6v diaphragm water pump's parameter and features


    Model: S1312-2502-7000                   ​​

    Size(mm): 46*18*32                           

    Voltage:(V/DC) 3V/6V/9V/12V         

    No-load current:(mA) 70                    

    Load current:(mA) 120                    

    Free Flow:(L/M) 0.15                       

    Lift(m): 2                                            

    Weight: 32                                        


    Pump Size:46*18*32mm

    Pump Weight:32g;

    Outlet:OD 4.3mm, silicone hose suggestion:ID 3mm

    Materials:pump body: PC/PPS, diaphragm: EPDM

    Because we use imported ball bearing,the pump’s performance is stable and high.

    The membrane is made by EPDM and pump's body is made by special PC/PPS which make pump well endurance and strong chemical resistance.



    1. DC motor with long lifetime

    2. Low noise

    3. Continuous operation: The pump can sustain heavy duty work for a day;

    4. Compact design, It has good waterproof;

    5. Low power consumption, high efficient-save on operating cost;

    6. Small and Light-weight, Installation is very simple;

    7. Wide application;

    8. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use;

    9. It can be customized according to customer's technical requirements.


    6v diaphragm water pump's demension


    Self Priming 6V Small Electric Water Pump , Mini Water Motor Pump 150ml/M Flow
    Unlabeled tolerance is ± 0.1mm.

    Working principle:The rotary motion of the motor makes the driving gear to rotate and the driving gear makes the driven gear to rotate.When the meshing teeth gradually separate on one side of the suction chamber; suction chamber volume is increased; pressure is reduced, the liquid in suction pipe will be sucked into pump. Sucked liquid was divided into two road in gear teeth groove and was pushed to the discharge chamber. After liquid entering into the discharge chamber, because of the two gear tooth meshing unceasingly, the liquid from the discharge chamber into the discharge pipe by extrusion.


    Our company offers multiple component configurations allowing piston pump to be used for either vacuum operation, pressure operation, or alternating vacuum and pressure operations.The innovative, compact design incorporates leading edge technologies that allow it to operate harder, quieter and longer, reliable, highly efficient.

    Its flow can deliver up to 1 l/min and 2.8L/M.

    Usually our pump has 4 kinds of voltage:6V, 9V,12V and 24V.

    When you choose pump, you can tell me the pump's voltage you need.

    We can do it for you.

    You can choose pump according to our model.

    In addition,it can be mounted in any position.


    6v diaphragm water pump's application
    Our products can meet the specific needs of different clients. The products are mainly used in medical cosmetology, household electronic appliances, food and beverage, health,instrument,chemical instrumentation. The car and laboratory and other industries. The products are mainly exported to korea, Japan,southeast Asia, Australia, Europe and other countries.


    6v diaphragm water pump's packing and shipping
    We can ship pumps to you by sea, by air or by express.
    By sea: cheap but long
    By air: quick but a a little expensive
    By express: door to door, 3-5days to your country by DHL/UPS/FEDEX/TNT and others.

    The fastest, but most expensive.
    You can choose according to your needs.



    We have obtained the ISO9001 certification, and our products comply with the EU RoHS Directive and REACH regulations, FDA certification. Some of our products have WARS, NSF approval.

    Today, Yanhua have 12 production lines and 300 skilled workers, our monthly producton capacity is 500,000pcs brushless and brush dc pumps,100,000 piston pumps and 10,000 gear pump and water pump.


    User Instructions


    1. will not guarantee the products if the application of our products are exceeded the limitation which is specified on this specification.

    2. In case of changes of the specification specified on this document. A written notice is requested in advance.

    3. there is any data or related documentation different from this data sheet.This data sheet is the principle reference.

    4. Please do not use it in the environment of corrosive gas or liquid or any detrimental gas. 5.While the motor is in operation,please do not lock the motor intentionally for a long periods,since the continuous stoppage will result in overheat and thus burnt out the motor.

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    Shenzhen Yanhua Faith Technology Co., Ltd.

    Contact Person: Emily

    Tel: +8613430847672

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