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High Grade Portable Plastic Brush Pump Mini 3V Vacuum Cupping For Exhaust Air

High Grade Portable Plastic Brush Pump Mini 3V Vacuum Cupping For Exhaust Air

    • High Grade Portable Plastic Brush Pump Mini 3V Vacuum Cupping For Exhaust Air
    • High Grade Portable Plastic Brush Pump Mini 3V Vacuum Cupping For Exhaust Air
    • High Grade Portable Plastic Brush Pump Mini 3V Vacuum Cupping For Exhaust Air
  • High Grade Portable Plastic Brush Pump Mini 3V Vacuum Cupping For Exhaust Air

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: Feiyinsi
    Certification: Rohs,Reach
    Model Number: D1312-1107-8500

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 50pcs
    Price: Negotiable
    Packaging Details: Export carton, carton's dimension:47*31*25cm
    Payment Terms: Western Union, , T/T, L/C,paypal
    Supply Ability: 3000pcs per day
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    Detailed Product Description
    Basic Materials: PC/PPS,epdm,hardware Working Way: Continuous Or Intermittent
    Weight: 32g Power: Electric
    Application: Air Or Pump Brush Or Brushless: Dc Brush
    Model: D1312-1107-8500 Pump Name: 3v Vacuum Cupping Pump


    High Grade portable new style plastic 3v vacuum cupping pump mini for exhaust air


    Judging the working condition of exhaust end of miniature pump

    The above problem is to discuss the suction end resistance of the pump. According to these conditions, the range of selection has been reduced, but the problem of exhaust end resistance must be considered. In this way, the optional range can be determined.

    In practical application, the exhaust condition of the micro vacuum pump is different: one is that the exhaust is very smooth and goes straight to the atmosphere; the other is the high exhaust resistance, such as valves, small bends, and large damping sensors on the exhaust pipe road, Non-specific silencers, exhaust below liquid level, gas to airtight or semi-closed containers, etc. In modern design and manufacture, the micro vacuum pump with different exhaust conditions is treated differently. " The parameter of the maximum resistance Por value "is to calibrate the exhaust capacity of the pump, so we can use strict technical means to determine whether the type selection is appropriate or not."


    3v vacuum cupping pump's parameter and features


    Model D1312-1107-8500
    Size(mm) 46*18*32
    Voltage(V/DC) 6V/9V/12V/3V
    Power(W) 1.5
    Free Flow(L/M) 1.6
    Max. vacuum(Kpa) -50
    Max.pressure(Kpa) 110
    Weight 32


    Compared with the large vacuum pump, it has the following advantages: small size, low noise, low power consumption, easy operation, easy to carry, no maintenance, 24 hours continuous operation, and allows medium to be rich in water vapor. Most importantly, because it is dry, oil free, no vacuum pump oil or lubricating oil, it will not pollute the working medium, do not interfere with the medium analysis and so on. And the price is much cheaper.

    Working principle: the rotary motion of the motor turn into the swing of connecting rod which makes the diaphragm up and down motion. In the process of the downward movement of the diaphragm, pump cavity will suck medium through the inlet valve; Upward movement of the diaphragm, pump cavity press out media through the outlet valve. Mechanical transmission parts and pump cavity is isolated by diaphragm. Diaphragm pump does not need oil for auxiliary lubricating, in the process of transmission, extraction and compression of medium


    3v vacuum cupping pump's production process

    Our company has a complete production system.
    We has our own mold department, injection molding department, production and

    assembly department, sample room, R & D department, sales department.
    We can independently design and produce pump.

    In addition, we can assemble productions in strict accordance with the ISO9001 system.


    3v vacuum cupping pump's application

     Our products can meet the specific needs of different clients. The products are mainly used in medical cosmetology, household electronic appliances, food and beverage, health,instrument,chemical instrumentation. The car and laboratory and other industries. The products are mainly exported to korea, Japan,southeast Asia, Australia, Europe and other countries.


    3v vacuum cupping pump's packing and shipping

    CTN/PCS: 324PCS

    G.W. : 14 KG

    DIMENSION : 36 * 31 * 31 CM

    High Grade Portable Plastic Brush Pump Mini 3V Vacuum Cupping For Exhaust Air

    3v vacuum cupping pump's picture

    High Grade Portable Plastic Brush Pump Mini 3V Vacuum Cupping For Exhaust Air
    Our company offers multiple component configurations allowing piston pump to be used for either vacuum operation, pressure operation, or alternating vacuum and pressure operations.The innovative, compact design incorporates leading edge technologies that allow it to operate harder, quieter and longer, reliable, highly efficient.
    Its flow can deliver up to 0.1 L/min and 2L/M.
    Usually our pump has 4 kinds of voltage:6V, 9V,12V and 3V.
    When you choose pump, you can tell me the pump's voltage you need.
    We can do it for you.
    You can choose pump according to our model.
    In addition,it can be mounted in any position.


    Company Information


    Founded in 1999, Yanhua faith is concentrated on the micro pump field’s research and development for 20year, we are only company in China whose positioning is to supply and produce high-end brushless DC pumps and brush dc pump to all countries ,aiming “ to be the dc micro pump field leader and the most influential enterprise”. Just like many professional foreign excellent companies, they focus on one product fro centuries and make the product and the best one in their respective field, this is also what Yanhua Faith pursue. Under this pursuit,our company’s quality police has been targeted at “by the creative spirit ,setting up the micro pump industry’s benchmark, and building up the international high quality”. We devote to 20% profit to R & D department, so we have more than 20 patent in research dc micro pump.




    We have obtained the ISO9001 certification, and our products comply with the EU RoHS Directive and REACH regulations,

    FDA certification. Some of our products have WARS, NSF approval.

    Today, Yanhua have 12 production lines and 300 skilled workers,

    our monthly producton capacity is 500,000pcs brushless and

    brush dc pumps,100,000 piston pumps and 10,000 gear pump and water pump.


    User Instructions


    1. will not guarantee the products if the application of our products are exceeded the limitation which is specified on this specification.

    2. In case of changes of the specification specified on this document. A written notice is requested in advance.

    3. there is any data or related documentation different from this data sheet.This data sheet is the principle reference.

    4. Please do not use it in the environment of corrosive gas or liquid or any detrimental gas. 5.While the motor is in operation,please do not lock the motor intentionally for a long periods,since the continuous stoppage will result in overheat and thus burnt out the motor.

    Contact Details
    Shenzhen Yanhua Faith Technology Co., Ltd.

    Contact Person: Emily

    Tel: +8613430847672

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